We weather the weather, whether we're there or not - Behind the Scenes

I love the Canberra weather and climate. 

How small minded I always found it when I said I lived in Canberra and people would reply "Oh, Canberra - it's so cold there!" Um, yah, and all the other temps...I distinctly remember that the year we hit regular days of 36°+ and the day I went to get petrol in Kingston just to experience 41° (my back was like a tap).

It truly does all four seasons, but so much more! heat, leaf changes, burning sun, foggy mornings, burning off mist, blinding sky, snow flurries, rain, spring storms, September winds. Heaters on after ANZAC. And the occasional Southside destroying hail storm. Love. It. All. And the big Canberra skies that let you see it all.



Storm a’brewin’, Southern Klamath Basin, Californ-I-A.

Nah, it’s rain a’fallin’ Horse Park Homestead, Gunners.


BTS: This early on when Jacka was being developed. And the first time I ever realised what rain falling looked like. I'd only ever been in it before.


Waterspout off the coast of Corsica.

Nah, it’s one of the water sculptures by the drop off area outside the Canberra Airport Terminal.


BTS: I wasn't flying anywhere when I took this. I parked upstairs on a lazy Sunday (parliament must not have been sitting - I was practically the only person there) and went round and round to get a good 'pose'. 


Craigie Bridge, towards Nashua Street Park, Boston, MA.

Nah, it’s Commonwealth Bridge, towards Acton Park, Canberra, ACT.


BTS: Fog in Canberra is the best. i lived on the South side and would often cross the bridge to blue skies. I felt sorry that all of Canberra didn't enjoy the magic. This was from a Sunday ride. I had a strict no riding if temp is below 5°. This day was 8° and before I realised my weather app had a 'Feels Like' panel. 


Clouds on the Continental Divide of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Nah, it’s clouds over the Brindabella Ranges from Mount Pleasant.


BTS: This was from a ride up Mount Pleasant in Duntroon. It was a "Holy Sh*t!" double take, a jump on the wall and photo taken. Big skies.


Central Rushall, West Midlands.

Nah, it’s the maccas exit in Manuka.


BTS: This was one of my earliest images. Photograph what you know. It was one of the first images to get a comment on tumblr, along the lines of "I know that view!" 



A spring storm over the Almaty Television Tower, Almaty, Kazakhstan (viewed from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KAZNU) campus gardens).

Nah, it’s a spring storm over the Black Mountain Tower, on Black Mountain, (viewed from the Magna Carta Place (MCP) mound, Parkes).


BTS: I was driving home one evening, checking out all the vistas from the Kings Avenue Bridge. Could not believe this epic cloud show over Black Mountain. I parked outside my apartment in Barton, turned around and walked towards it. Took this shot from the Magna Carta memorial. Which is a great place to shout in. 


Ominous storm clouds gather over Roselle, Illinois.

Nah,it’s ominous storm clouds over Forde. (With rainbow).



Noctilucent clouds over 655 K Street NW, Washington DC, 20001, U.S.A.

Nah, it’s lightening-lit clouds over 50 Blackall Street, Barton, 2600, A.C.T.


BTS: Across the road from my apartment. I spent hours trying to capture lightening. Lucky there we so many annual seasons of spring storms! Burst mode did a lot of the ground work. I did a lot of the searching and deleting for the elusive magic.


Storm cell over Norman, Oklahoma - Lake Thunderbird approach.

Nah, it’s a storm cloud over Canberra City, Canberra - Lake Burley Griffin approach.


BTS: I used to work in Turner and this was the regular commute route. Never saw anything like this over the city before or since. And yes, I took photos while I was driving. But never during peak time!  


Rainy day: The James - Soho, NY.

Nah, stormy downfall: The Landmark - Canberra, ACT.



As always, please share in the comments any other hidden colourful sights of your Canberra. 

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