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From Blog to Book

About Nah

Can’t rave enough about the book. I just dive in to different pages and google the original one then look it up in Canberra so good. I love the Insta blog but it’s just nice - especially in lockdown right now - having it as a book to do that with, it’s a real, joyful escape.

Rachel, Nerellan NSW

I just love it. My husband particularly loves it - says you really have an exceptionally good eye for things. Will be on our coffee table.

Meg, Yarralumla

It's sooooooooo good ❤️ It arrived yesterday - I've hardly put it down. It's supposed to be a
housewarming gift, looks like I need to get her something else 😉

Kate, Kaleen

Thank you!!! The books arrived and one will be on it's way to Scotland soon :) I know my brother will love it. Spreading the Canberra love internationally!

Clair, Florey
The cover of the Nah, It's Canberra book. White lined words over skate park grafitti.

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Buy the book for yourself. Or as a unique Canberra gift for someone you know. Or for someone you know who needs convincing.

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