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Gold Buddha, Ubon Ratchatani Province, Thailand.

Nah, it’s the Gold Buddha, Goyder Street, Narrabundah.


Behind the Scenes

I lived in the Inner South and I used to ride a lot around the area towards Narrabundah and Symonston. One Sunday afternoon, riding down Goyder Street a sparkle caught my eye. I rode towards it and discovered, sitting on its own, staring out to the north west, a BIG, golden Buddha. Maybe three metres high and completely covered in gold. I spent an age walking all around, with not a sole in sight, taking photos - hoping for a glowing sun halo shot (which meant I couldn't get Buddha's face), but pretty happy with what I got.


Historical Note

Not long after I took the photo I went back but it had disappeared. Under a building; The Buddhist Society of the ACT*  so I felt more than a little privileged to have spent some time with the Goyder Buddha.

*I'm not sure the Society exists anymore, this link takes to you a Canberra Times article about them and the Buddha.


Destination Déjà Vu

This guy



22 February 2013


In Book 1?


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